8 Things to Check Out in Singapore While on Your Excursion Bus Rental






    Are you planning a trip to Singapore and want to make the most of it? A great way to get around and explore is with an excursion bus rental! Not only will this keep your group together, but it’s also convenient. With the freedom of a bus rental, you can easily venture outside of Singapore and visit nearby attractions in Malaysia or Indonesia. Before doing so, however, be sure to check out some of the amazing things available closer by – from lush gardens and open-air markets brimming with food stalls, shopping centers filled with designer brands…so much more. Here are 8 awesome places that you definitely don’t want to miss when renting a bus for your next excursion in Singapore.

    Visit the Gardens by the Bay – Experience an open-air park full of towering Supertrees and blooming plants

    The Gardens by the Bay is a remarkable tourist attraction in Singapore. It is an open-air park that houses towering Supertrees that reach up to 16 storeys in height. These magnificent structures not only serve as fascinating landmarks but also help to enhance the park’s sustainability. Besides the Supertrees, the garden also includes an impressive array of plants, from fiery red flowers to tranquil green ferns, all of which make it a visually stunning landscape. It’s a place that evokes serenity and is perfect for a relaxing stroll or a picnic with friends and family. Whether you are a nature lover or simply looking for a place to unwind, a visit to the Gardens by the Bay is something you won’t want to miss!

    Take a Night Safari Ride – Explore Singapore’s nocturnal wildlife while riding on an open-air tram

    Experience an unforgettable adventure by taking a Night Safari ride in Singapore. Joining the tour will enable you to explore the city’s nocturnal wildlife while riding on an open-air tram. Witness the fascinating behavior of over 2,500 animals from over 130 different species in their natural habitats. Spark up your sense of curiosity and adventure as you trek through the lush forest and meet the endangered night-time species such as the clouded leopard and slow Loris. Make sure to book a spot in advance and enjoy an evening full of excitement and discovery. A night Safari ride is an excellent way to see Singapore’s unique wildlife in a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

    Taste the Local Cuisine – Try some of Singapore’s delicious street food like chili crab or satay

    One of the best ways to experience a new culture is through its food. Singapore is known for its vibrant food scene and it’s no wonder why. The streets are filled with small food stalls and vendors, each offering their own unique dishes that are sure to make your taste buds dance. Don’t leave Singapore without trying their famous chili crab, which is packed with spicy and savory flavors that are hard to resist. Or perhaps, indulge in some delicious satay – juicy and tender meat skewers that are perfect for sharing. Come hungry and leave satisfied, as you explore the mouthwatering street food in Singapore.

    Check Out the Merlion Statue – A must-see for all visitors to Singapore, it is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and body of a fish

    A magnificent icon of Singapore that is recognized and loved by many – the Merlion Statue. Standing tall at 8.6 meters, this stunning creation gracefully combines two creatures of the land and sea, resulting in the perfect embodiment of the city’s history and culture. It’s almost impossible to explore Singapore without coming across this mythical creature, which has become a symbol of pride and strength for all those who call this beautiful city home. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a local resident, the Merlion Statue is a must-see attraction that will leave you in awe with its size and majestic beauty. Plan your visit now and get ready to experience this iconic masterpiece firsthand.

    Shop at Little India – Located in Singapore’s Chinatown district, this area provides plenty of unique shops and attractions

    If you’re looking for some retail therapy with a cultural twist, Little India in Singapore’s Chinatown district is definitely worth a visit. The area is filled with intriguing shops and colorful attractions that offer a glimpse into the vibrant Indian culture. Get lost in a maze of colorful garments, spices, jewelry, and souvenirs as you explore the bustling streets. You’ll find everything from traditional Indian clothing to mystical trinkets to satisfy your shopping cravings. Be sure to stop by some of the area’s iconic landmarks, such as the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, to fully immerse yourself in the unique charm of Little India.

    Go to Marina Bay Sands – Enjoy its iconic hotel, casino, and other fun activities like shopping, dining, and more

    Marina Bay Sands has become a true icon of Singapore, and it’s not hard to see why. From its luxurious hotel to its sprawling casino, this destination truly has it all. But beyond the obvious draws of this landmark location, there’s also so much to do and see here. Shopping enthusiasts will love the upscale boutiques and shopping centers, while foodies will delight in the diverse dining options. And with an indoor skating rink, a rooftop pool, and a range of other activities, there’s never a dull moment at Marina Bay Sands. Whether you’re a tourist visiting Singapore for the first time or a seasoned local looking for a new adventure, Marina Bay Sands is a must-see destination.

    Overall, Singapore is an exciting destination with plenty of attractions for everyone. From the Supertrees of the Gardens by the Bay to the iconic Merlion statue and the unique shopping experience at Little India, there are so many wonderful experiences to enjoy in this vibrant city. And if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to explore all these attractions, consider a rent bus Singapore from a Reputable Excursion Bus Rental. They offer bus rental services so that you can conveniently go around Singapore – making it easy and more organized. So why not take this opportunity to explore all that Singapore has to offer? With a reliable bus rental like Reputable Excursion Bus Rental, you’ll be able to make your trip truly unforgettable!

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